April 7th, 2022


Introducing the ICA (pronounced as “Ay – Ka”) or Indajinis Cultural Association is a people’s organisation operating in the province of Sulu, composed of young advocates of cultural heritage conservation and promotion.

Last month, Sabah Way Forward visited Jolo island to research a book tentatively titled: “Sabah: The Way Forward”. Via Facebook, Sabah Way Forward made friends with ICA (Indajinis Cultural Association).

ICA was kind enough to make a video to showcase the Jolo that some Sabahans might not know. The video includes the traditional dance of the Tausug (known as Suluk in Sabah), which is the dominant ethnic group in Sulu province.

After days of trying to send the video – the Internet service in Jolo town is slow – ICA finally managed to send the video. Tomorrow, we’ll post the video.

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