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How do you see Sabah now?

Debra Leong : “Sad and rakyat banyak suffer pula as we are in the year 2022 now.”
Desonny Tuzan : “Lacking basic infrastructure like water, electricity, schools and etc in many parts of Sabah.”

What is the way forward for Sabah?

Debra Leong : “As simple as jambatan gantung needs to be fixed and built for urang kampung. Contoh, jambatan gantung Tomposik-Kimoligan in Penampang. Streetlights toward Tuunon-Kasigui-Tomposik (in Penampang) dan seterusnya teda since I was born up to 2022. Galap oh!! Byak lagi lah this simple infrastructure that needs to be done for urang kampung (rakyat).”
Desonny Tuzan : “To urgently improve the basic infrastructure!”

Debra Leong, Baker at Charlie’s Cafe and Bakery

from Tomposik, Penampang and lives in Kuala Lumpur

Desonny Tuzan, Chief Kuli at Charlie’s Cafe and Bakery

from Sandakan, Sabah and lives in Kuala Lumpur

Debra and Desonny is wearing a Sabah Way Forward t-shirt in support of our crowdfunding campaign.

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