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How do you see Sabah now?

If I make a comparison with 1997 when I first arrived in KK, there are lots of changes. The roads, transportation, new housing and commercial centre, huge transformation. Sabah has lots of potential, prospects and opportunities to develop.

What is the way forward for Sabah?

There is a vast economic gap in society. The living cost in KK is also getting higher and higher. Property in Sabah is also soaring up.
That can be an indicator of development in Sabah. But a paradigm shift is required among the societies. Need to work harder because earning a living is getting competitive. Of course, the government can do more/better, but they (either federal or state) did put in lots of effort to help reduce the rakyat’s burden.
Need to create more job opportunities to stop the brain drain. Need to diversify the economic sectors, especially because of Sabah’s strategic location. More efforts should be put into exploring the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Lee Kuok Tiung, Lecturer and Associate Professor in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

from Sarikei, Sarawak and lives in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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