Supporter > Puspanathan Govindasamy, Lina Marasim, Shamani Puspanathan

How do you see Sabah now?

Serious need to rethink on developmental priorities.

What is the way forward for Sabah?

Need to discard selfish politicians who owe allegiance to parties outside Sabah and tap new potentials who are seriously dedicated to developing Sabah.

Puspanathan Govindasamy, Lina Marasim and Shamani Puspanathan
From Menggatal and lives in Penang
Puspanathan is a retired teacher; his wife, Lina, is a retired matron; and their daughter, Shamini, is a HR analyst with IHS Markit.

The family is wearing Sabah Way Forward t-shirts in support of its crowdfunding campaign.

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