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How do you see Sabah now?

Sabah is unique and full of potential but political struggle affects the whole community.

What is the way forward for Sabah?

Give youth more chances and hope. Senior leaders might have all the resources, experience and many more that you can list. But the young generation are fast learners, adaptive to the environment, more out-of-box thinkers and energetic. They can use past leaders’ mechanisms to be more competitive in the current world or local situations.
A high percentage of the population consists of younger generations. It is high time for the younger generation to take time and evaluate who is best to rule the state and country.
To conclude, a mixture of experience (from the senior leaders) and increased involvement of young leaders are highly needed to ensure we are moving forward.

Steve Johnny Mositun, Entrepreneur turn Politician – Community Development Officer for N27 Limbahau

from Papar, Sabah

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