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How do you see Sabah now?

We are blessed with so many natural resources. We need good governance to ensure our natural resources are protected and later utilised for the betterment of Sabahans.

What is the way forward for Sabah?

We should be in control of our destiny. We should have knowledgeable leaders and industry players. We should have holistic plans covering issues such as education and the economy.
Make sure the brilliant students get the education they need and return to the state to serve. Upgrade the hospitals serving the urban and rural population. We should groom young political leaders with integrity and with a heart.

Wong Vui Yin, Former Director of Sabah State Library

from Bongawan, Sabah and lives in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Wong Vui Yin is wearing a Sabah Way Forward t-shirt in support of our crowdfunding campaign.

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